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We design and deliver camps that enhance your child's learning, desire for playing more, and the opportunity to meet new playmates and make friends.

Why Tennis

It is a sport you can enjoy playing with family and friends for life.
It is one of the top non-contact sports for exercise and a full-body workout.
It improves coordination, decision-making, critical thinking and mental alertness.
It is one of the safest sports in the post-Covid environment.

Camps Duration

Winter (3-4 days prior to Christmas Day)
Spring (3-4 days in the 2nd week of - District 43 - Spring Break )
Summer (Mon-Fri, every week throughout July and August)

Players Level

On the first day of each camp and based on their playing ability, players will be grouped into either level 1 (who are learning how to Serve, Rally, and Score) or level 2 (who already know how to Serve, Rally, and Score), and then begin their progress accordingly.

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